About Us

The SPME ( Spoil Me ) “controller” was invented by a disabled Vietnam Veteran living in Ocala, Florida, and the product is manufactured in Sanford, Florida. (USA) The Sequential LED light Kits and the system and controller was developed with safety in mind.

The SPOIL-ME name and goal is to have “SPME” Controller on every vehicle.

One of the main reasons rear end vehicle accidents is drivers that are unable to see clearly the rear lights illuminate indicator lights. See (#1)

The “SPME” system with controller provides sequential

Lighting movement which  enhances distant driver’s attention and perception.

The “SPME” system can be used on many types of vehicles which have the standard 12 volt power supply and delivering signal. Also the unit can simply plug into existing plug harness connection or wired from vehicle wiring.

Spoil me kits can easily installed on emergency vehicles, RV’S, Pick-up trucks, golf carts, motorcycles and many more.
A true story: On July 2012 as I was on a trip, as I have a unit installed on my vehicle spoiler. As I was traveling on I-75 the weather was bad with fog and the visibility was poor, so I pulled into a rest area. A short time a State Trouper pulls behind me and said I saw your sequential rear lights but I did not see the other vehicles lights. He said he would like to see these lights on the market.

Spoilme LED lights offer majestic appearance and beauty to any motor vehicles with its unique and easy installation of sequential lights.